• Lambrusco mantovano DOP Rosso dei Concari slideshow

    scritta lambrusco Rosso dei Concari

    It is an important wine, suitable for special occasions. Attractively bottled, this innately smooth, slightly sparkling wine is obtained through very slow fermentation. The care and passion surrounding its production make this an outstanding Lambrusco.

  • Lambrusco provincia di Mantova IGP mantovano Al Scagarun slideshow

    scritta Lambrusco provincia di Mantova IGP mantovano Al Scagarun

    It incorporates the authenticity of the farming ethos, bringing to the table the tastes and flavours of the past. A genuine and spontaneous wine, produced for more than two decades by Cantine Lebovitz and maintained unaltered all this time.

  • The family that runs Cantine Lebovitz: Gianni Lebovitz, Paolo Zamboni, Davide Lebovitz and Dolores Cassa

    Logo Cantine Lebovitz

    The family that runs Cantine Lebovitz, from left to right: Gianni Lebovitz, Paolo Zamboni, Dolores Cassa and Davide Lebovitz.
  • Lambrusco amabile Delizia award winning Gambero Rosso Terre di Lambrusco

    Lambrusco amabile Delizia scritta

    The very name of this Lambrusco immediately evokes its delicate and balanced flavour, characterized by harmonius sensations that highlight its freshness and liveliness. Its measured sweetness makes it a very versatile wine that satisfies different tastes, making it highly appreciated all over the world.

  • Lambrusco provincia di Mantova IGP mantovano Sedamat slideshow

    scritta Lambrusco provincia di Mantova IGP mantovano Sedamat

    It is a new wine, young and original. An innovative flavour, rich in nuances, and eager to satisfy the discerning consumer. Enhancing the pleasure of the company at table, it quenches the thirst while delighting the palate.

  • Spumante Prosecco di Valdobbiadene slideshow

    scritta Spumante Prosecco di Valdobbiadene

    This Prosecco is characterized by rich citrus sensations and rural notes accompanied by a splendid, lively freshness. The fine perlage ensures a persistent flavour, making it a sparkling table wine par excellence.

  • Vinitaly Gianni Lebovitz e Davide Lebovitz lambrusco

    Logo Cantine Lebovitz

    Our booth during last edition of Vinitaly in Verona.

  • Lambrusco mantovano DOP Rubilio slideshow

    scritta Lambrusco mantovano DOP Rubilio

    The wine has a deep ruby red colour, with a bright and persistent froth. Its captivating scent of violets and red currant berries combined with a markedly fresh, dry and savoury flavour make it extremely popular throughout the province of Mantua.

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Cantine Lebovitz is an historic winery company based in Italy, in the Mantuan territory, Governolo, producing the typical and unique Lambrusco Mantovano DOP. The company, born in 1920, is largely a family-run winery and is now a constantly evolving reality that has made a name for itself as a leading Lambrusco Mantovano producer, creating highly individual wines thanks to a combination of quality, progress and tradition.
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Lebovitz Lambrusco will be showing at Vinitaly Verona 2016
download the full catalogue of Cantine Lebovitz Lambrusco

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