Historical background

il fondatore delle Cantine Lebovitz, Luigi Lebovitz
The history of Cantine Lebovitz originated as far back as 1920, founded by grandfather Lino, of Czechoslovak origin. Armed with horse and wagon, he used to deliver the wine to the widely scattered farms in the area. The winery, built by his son Luigi in 1950, is located in Governolo, a small town close to where the river Mincio flows through the green plains of Mantua to embrace the great river Po. It was Luigi's skilful leadership that turned the company into a competitive and modern concern . The company has resisted these many years due to courage and decisions ruled by a single, timeless passion: "Producing wine of the right sort". Continuing the family business, Gianni Lebovitz took on this precious legacy, doing so with huge commitment and tough training. After studying at the prestigious school of Conegliano Veneto and joining the winery 35 years ago, Gianni made it his goal to improve quality through advanced technology while maintaining the true characteristics of the product. Gianni's nephew, sommelier Paolo Zamboni, is responsible for the production phase.

I titolari delle Cantine Lebovitz, Gianni Lebovitz e Paolo Zamboni, produttori di Lambrusco mantovano
Through his meticulous study of the grapes, selection of the best parts and constant care during maturation, Paolo is the artist who turns our passion into wine.
The company is now a constantly evolving reality that has made a name for itself as a leading Lambrusco Mantovano producer, creating excellent, highly individual wines thanks to a combination of quality, progress and tradition. Proof of how these goals have been realized is the "Rosso dei Concari" a Mantuan Lambrusco DOP, bottled since 1998. Its characteristic long bottle has become familiar as a sign of high quality.
The company is known in Mantua for its production of typical Lambrusco IGP "Al Scagarun", which owes its curious name to local dialect and refers to how its intense colour it used to stain the tablecloth purple.
Last year saw the introduction of Lambrusco provincia di Mantova IGP "Sedamat", a clear, young and delicate Lambrusco that is enjoying considerable success locally as well as further afield. Both products rapidly won prizes at the wine competitions.

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